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About Festival

Globaltica is a multidisciplinary festival. We believe that through culture and art (in all their dimensions) we can best tell the story of a dynamically changing world. Music is closest to our hearts, but during the festival you will also watch films, take part in workshops or see intriguing exhibitions.

Since 2005 we have been showing the richness of world cultures. The historic Kolibki Park, located by the sea on the border of Gdynia and Sopot, is our home – it is here that we meet on a July weekend and take our audience on a journey around the globe. We don’t forget about our immediate surroundings, we combine the global with the local – that’s why, in addition to artists from distant continents, you will meet at the festival with Tri-City activists, listen to the stories of reporters, learn about Kashubian roots or the customs of Gdynia residents from abroad.

In 2024, we see you between July 19 and 21. For the 19th time, be with us!


Piotr Pucylo

[Artistic Director]

With the festival from the very beginning. It is thanks to him that Kolibki Park is visited by musicians from every corner of the globe. In the program, he presents unique music, referring to tradition, which is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Ewa Lamża

[Managing director]

With Globaltica since the first edition. It is her who takes care of the proper organization of the festival by putting the individual elements together so that we can welcome you to Kolibki with open arms offering an unforgettable experience.


[PR Manager]

Michal has been involved with the festival for 5 years and is responsible for communication with the media and journalists, as well as social media. When he’s not covering Globaltica, he writes about music for various Polish and foreign media.


The foundation’s most important project is the GLOBALTICA World Cultures Festival held in Gdynia since 2005. Globaltica is a festival with a clear mission – an event created for people who want to open up to others, to other traditions; people who want to get to know previously unknown sounds – both those distant geographically and those very close to us, which we have long forgotten. We believe that in this day and age, where there are so many religious, racial or nationalistic conflicts, art should be a kind of catalyst – an impulse to learn about other cultures.

Visiting musicians are regulars at major European, world ethnic and world music festivals, and Globaltica is an event they are proud to perform at. The festival includes concerts, film screenings, workshops, discussions, a community town, literary meetings and many other attractions for city residents, tourists and people from Poland and Europe specially coming to Gdynia for our festival.