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[mindful movement workshop]


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Join us for classes taught by teachers from the Yoga and Pilates Center – classes of conscious, mindful movement using yoga, zoga and Pilates.

Zoga for the feet… Pilates for the pelvis… Yoga for the heart…. A combination of different forms of body work that will allow you to feel the freedom of movement and the flow of energy. We will move in a way that takes care of conscious, wise and safe movement. We will start by warming up the feet, which are the foundation of our body, move to the pelvis to find your center and finish by opening the heart region to expand the inner space.


Beata Oganowska – certified Pilates and Zoga Movement Practice teacher,

Monika Żółkoś – a certified teacher of yoga according to B.K.S.Iyengar method.

We recommend bringing your own mat to participate in the classes.

Classes co-organized with the Yoga and Pilates Center.