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Workshop with assistance dog

[Marta Czachor i Delicja]


Small stage


Workshop Zone

The meeting will focus on the topic of breaking stereotypes about people with disabilities and the assistance dogs that accompany them every day.

The meeting will be hosted by two wonderful girls, who are smartly giving advice every day and on top of that share their passions! Marta Czachor – works at the City Hall in Gdynia in the Department of Accessibility and Delicia an assistance dog, which supports her in everyday functioning.

During the meeting, children will be able to learn:

  • How to behave around an assistance dog?
  • What privileges does it have and where can you meet them?
  • How can you help a person with a disability, i.e. positive attitudes of openness towards people with disabilities?
  • What does an assistance dog do?

The meetings are aimed at sensitizing people to the needs of others, including people with disabilities. The program involves a person with a disability who is assisted by a dog. Using their friendship as an example, the children learn the importance of helping and the role a dog can play in a person’s life. The dog assistant shows the children how he helps a person with a disability, how he should be treated when he is on the job, and what behaviors should never be undertaken with any pet.

Children will take part in a quiz and reading of an educational story during the meeting as part of the activities. They will receive coloring books about the assistance dog, the coloring books depict the “activity” of a wheelchair user in a public space.