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“Traveling according to Marek Kaminski.”

[author meeting]




Cinema and Literature

Marek Kaminski is a well-known and respected polar conqueror, Guinness World Record holder, philosopher and writer.

The meeting will not only be an opportunity to learn the secrets of the creation of the book “Polaris,” but also to have an inspiring conversation with the author about his work and writing process. As a conqueror of the poles, he will share not only stories from his travels to the remotest corners of the world, but also experiences of crossing borders, living on the edge and the resilience of the mind that helps to survive insurmountable situations.

“Polaris” is a fascinating story about pushing the boundaries of human capabilities, spiritual journey and discovering the secrets of the north. This is a book about the true coldness that is in the far north in  human souls. The mysterious mission of the U-boats during World War II, the Thule society, the Torajo people and all of this permeated with Zen and the spirit of Japan. Love and death meet at the North Pole..

Meeting co-organized by Vademecum Foundation.