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Loneliness in the 21st century

[meeting with philosophy]


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[meeting conducted in Polish] 

Loneliness in the 21st century and how to regain lost ties?

The experience of loneliness is often associated with feelings of sadness, an acute sense of emptiness and a desire for authentic social ties. Noreena Hertz, a contemporary English economist and professor at University College London, convinces us that we are currently living in the “Century of the Lonely.” In the 21st century, loneliness is felt by young men and older people, by employees of large companies and people working remotely or hybrid, by residents of the US, Poland, India or Japan. This is not good news. Studies show that prolonged experience of loneliness is bad for our mental and physical health. It can lead to an increased sense of stress, the development of anxiety and depressive disorders, a weakened immune system and an increase in heart disease.During the meeting, we will describe loneliness, look at research that shows its negative effects on health, and trace extremely diverse ideas for solving the loneliness “epidemic”: from robot friends, to limiting the use of smartphones and social media, to changes in urban policy.

Adam Jank – philosopher, teacher at the VI High School in Gdynia, graduate of the Institute of Philosophy at UG, master’s student in psychology at SWPS University. President of the Humanity Plus Philosophy Foundation.

The meeting was co-organized with Cafe Księgarnia Vademecum, which deals with the animation of cultural life and educational activities, as part of the implementation of the project “Everything is philosophical