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[Colombia / France]


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About band

Pixvae is the name of a botanical experiment – a cross between a palm fruit and a peach. Like the hybrid from which the band borrows its name, their unique sound is the result of a musical crossbreed. These genre-blending alchemists blend refined rock and Afro-Colombian roots to create a unique, powerful sound with a Latin tinge. Pixvae evolves throughout the search for a balance between the festive essence of currulao – traditional music from the southern coast of Colombia, and the musical experiments of the pioneers of Lyon’s musical underground. The French sometimes adapt to the Colombian meter – the Colombians, however, let them make noise in their backyard. The result of this policy of concessions, a controlled eclectic symbiosis, is spectacular to say the least.


At this musical crossroads of Africa, the Atlantic and the Pacific, Romain Dugelay is the leader. He is the director of this project – in line with the ongoing tradition of music hybridization, he prepared the latest material focusing on Marimba de Chonta, the central instrument of the currulao. Supported by his long-time partners from trio Kouma (Léo Dumont on drums and Damien Cluzel on guitar), he combines the sounds of saxophones and keyboards with the marimba of Juan Carlos Arrechea and the unique vocals of Israël Quinones. The first one pushed the rhythm and sound of his instrument to the limits of jazz and rock. The second one is supporting vocally Jennyfer “Xiomara” Torres, who recently joined the group. All three Colombian musicians are responsible for a contemporary approach to traditional melodic motifs, original lyrics and a fresh look at currulao culture.

The concert is organized as part of the Better Live project co-financed by the European Commission under the Creative Europe program and by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Cultural Promotion Fund.


Jennyfer “Xiomara” Torres – vocals & guasà
Israel Quinones – vocals & guasà
Damien Cluzel – guitar
Romain Dugelay – sax & keyboards
Juan Carlos Arrechea – percussion
Léo Dumont – drums