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Papua New Guinea – my wildest adventure

[meeting with Joanna Kowalczuk]


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Papua New Guinea – my wildest adventure on a beautiful, untamed and bloodthirsty island.

Realizing the project of the Crown of the Earth’s Volcanoes, I travel across the continents. I meet amazing people and discover unforgettable places. I am given the opportunity to feel and experience completely different cultures. To face perceptions, stereotypes. With myself, because three-week expeditions, climbing high mountains, show us the truth about ourselves first of all. Sometimes it’s beautiful, sometimes it’s dangerous, but I always come back changed in some way.

Its inhabitants speak of Papua as Milesia – tired and lazy, though beloved. A paradise where one lives in and with the jungle. Papuans are cheerful, kind, curious and at the same time can be like ruthless children, committing crimes out of thoughtlessness, jealousy or revenge. They care about others, sympathize, help fellow tribesmen, but they are lazy and from this laziness they fall into addictions or commit crimes.

Enter with me a world rarely visited by tourists. Discover the wild jungle, the paradisiacal climate and the dangerous everyday life of the islanders.

Joanna Kowalczuk – a seaside girl who (very) late discovered her mountain passion.

Her first peak was Kilimanjaro, and then it was only further, higher and colder. She has conquered, among others, Lenin’s Peak – 7134 meters above sea level in Kyrgyzstan, Denali – 6194 meters above sea level in Alaska, and the highest volcanoes on six continents. She is preparing to climb Mount Sidley in Antarctica as the first Polish woman.