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The primal nature of traditional music, the sophistication of classical compositions, the energy of rock music and the purity of Bartók’s thinking characterize the Hungarian band Söndörgő, whose career spans almost thirty years and is considered one of the most exciting, innovative and successful bands on the international world music scene.

Four of the five members of the band are part of the same family of musicians: three brothers (ÁaronBenjámin and Salamon Eredics) and a cousin (Dávid Eredics). Their spiritual backbone is the legendary Vujicsics Ensemble, which has been playing authentic South Slavic folk music for close to fifty years: father and uncle figures, along with other Eredics musicians. So they really have very strong traditional musical background. Their primary instrument is the tambura (also known as tamburitza), a plucked instrument popular in both Serbian and Hungarian folk music, but various wind instruments and the accordion are just as important elements of the soundscape of Söndörgő. They play traditional Southern Slavic music, but we just have to make it clear what tradition exactly means to them. According to their artistic worldview tradition is somehow reminiscent of the ever-changing river. Traditional music is not treated by them as a museum object to be reconstructed, but as a living and pulsating raw material, a source of inspiration.

Söndörgő are known for their virtuosity, fresh, breathtaking performances and unique instrumentation – and this is all you can expect from their concert at the Globaltica festival.


Áron Eredics – tambura, darabukka, vocals

Benjámin Eredics – tambura, trumpet, vocals

Dávid Eredics – clarinet, saxophone, bas, tambura, kaval, vocals

Salamon Eredics – accordion, hulusi, flute, bass drum

Ábel Dénes – double bass