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[Artur Chruszcz / Feldenkrais method]


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“MindBodyFulness or how to regain the connection between the mind and the body through the Feldenkrais method” – led by Artur Chruszcz.

In the Feldenkrais method, we learn how to engage in action over our whole selves. Our movement, emotions, feelings and thoughts become more and more coherent with each other, so that our action becomes more efficient and there is a sense of greater grace and lightness.
The stresses of chaotic daily life and difficult past experiences often cut us off from the sensations and feelings coming from the body and immobilize “freeze” some parts of us. In our haste, we forget to feel ourselves, hold tensions from the past inadequate in the present and move in habitual, suboptimal ways. During the meeting, we will do one lesson of the Feldenkrais method and look at how it can be used for dynamic practice, mindfulness and embodiment of “embodiment ” to get in better touch with ourselves. Through practice in the class you will improve the self-regulation of the whole body, regain or discover a sense of integration in which you feel greater agency, pleasure and elegance in action.

Artur Chruszcz for whom movement is invariably enchanting, and movement is life. After a stage of practicing martial arts and practicing yoga, he discovered the Feldenkrais method, in which, through conscious and attentive movement, he found a way to “quiet the chatter in his head” and be more present. He is constantly evolving and looking for inspiration. He is currently in the middle of a 4-year Feldenkrais method training, with Paul Newton as his main teacher