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LA SINGLA (Spain, Germany, 2022, 95 min)

dir.: Paloma Zapata

Antonia Singla was born in the suburbs of Barcelona and became deaf shortly after birth, so she learned to dance flamenco without listening to the music. At the age of 17, she revolutionized the world of flamenco, but before she turned 30 she disappeared forever from the stage. Fifty years later, a young woman finds some old archives and is fascinated by her. La Singla seems to hide something tragic behind her gaze and transmits a passion that goes beyond dance. Why had she never heard of her? Determined to find answers, she immerses herself in an investigation that leads her to discover that La Singla was a great success in Germany, where she was considered the best flamenco dancer in the world. Finally, she will try to find her to learn first-hand her heartbreaking story.

Film in Spanish with English subtitles.