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Justin Adams and Mauro Durante met for the first time at the Italian festival Notte della Taranta in 2011, but they decided to collaborate regularly almost 10 years later. This amazing project combines two different musical worlds, creating a unique sound that takes listeners on an unforgettable journey through various cultures and traditions.

On one side of this project we have Justin Adams – a legendary British guitarist and producer, known for experimenting with various musical genres, from blues to rock and world music – his collaboration with artists such as Robert Plant and Tinariwen earned him recognition as one of the most innovative musicians on the contemporary music scene. On the other side stands Mauro Durante – an Italian violinist, percussionist and brilliant composer, one of the leaders of the award-winning Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino – a group considered to be the authors of the pizzica renaissance; collaborator of Ludovico Einaudi and a globetrotter by vocation. In 2021, the duo released the album “Still Moving”, which was warmly received by critics and immediately won the prestigious Songlines Music Award, which resulted in a long tour around the world.


Adams and Durante’s project combines their diverse musical roots to create a soundscape that is both deeply rooted in tradition and innovative – the trance rhythms of a local variant of the tarantella called pizzica mix with original guitar riffs inspired by rock, boogie and desert blues. Their joint performances are not only concerts, but also musical rituals that engage the audience and invite them to participate in the artistic experience.



Justin Adams – vocal, guitar, percussion

Mauro Durante vocal, violin, frame drum