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[Democratic Republic of the Congo]


Main stage

Led by the charismatic leader Jupiter Bokondji, Jupiter & Okwess constantly pushes boundaries – both musical and cultural. Their unique sound, full of energy and passion, and commitment to important social issues make them one of the most exciting and inspiring bands on the contemporary world music scene.

Jupiter Bokondji, known as the “Rebel General”, was born in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. From an early age he was fascinated by music, drawing inspiration from both local traditions and Western influences such as James Brown, The Jackson Five and Jimi Hendrix. As a teenager, he lived for a long time in East Berlin – his father was a diplomat there and it was behind the “Iron Curtain” that his first band, Die Neger (The Nigger), was formed. “Neger” was one of the first German words he learned, thanks to people who pointed at him as he passed them on the street. After returning to Kinshasa, in the 1990s he founded the band Okwess International, which later became Jupiter & Okwess. The group’s work is not only wonderful music inspired by the rhythms, languages and customs of about four hundred ethnic groups of the region – trance-like, full of experiments and tribute to Afrobeat and rock’n’roll, but also a strong message. The lyrics of the songs often discuss social and political topics, relating to the situation in the Congo and to the universal problems of the modern world. Jupiter has collaborated with such respected artists as Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz), Warren Ellis (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) and 3D (Massive Attack). The band gained international fame, performing at prestigious music festivals around the world, such as Glastonbury, Roskilde and WOMAD. The group has so far released 3 albums, and each of them received enthusiastic reviews from critics and listeners. Their concerts are professional, energetic and spirited performances filled with excellent music.


Jupiter Bokondji Ilola – vocal, tam-tam

Yende Balamba Bongongo vocal, bass

Richard Kabanga Kasonga lead guitar

Eric Malu-Malu-Muginda – 2nd guitar

Montana Kinunu Ntunu – drums