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“Iceland and the Poles. Stories of those who were not afraid to take a risk”. – meeting with the authors of the book Aleksandra Kozłowska and Mirella Wąsiewicz

Poles, like the Vikings in the past, reached the shores of Iceland in search of a better life. Today they are the largest national minority there. This is the first book to talk about the glories and shadows of life in Iceland. Poles work there in all sectors, set up their own businesses, lead strikes, head the city council. Some are so rich they can buy their wives a star from heaven, while others can barely make ends meet.

“What on earth draws Poles to a country where winter lasts almost a year? Where the fish fetor induces nausea? Where racism, bullying and all those other ghastly afflictions known from the native backyard happen? And that’s where people decide to open a new chapter of their lives – they spin nests, run businesses, and some even think about the presidency.

The authors have created portraits of characters from completely different backgrounds and with a different path leading to the northern “promised land,” but united by a common denominator: the conviction that in Iceland they don’t have to do anything, but can. And this is the elementary ingredient of freedom acting on a person with a force of desire that cannot be tamed.”

About the authors:

Aleksandra Kozlowska, Mirella Wąsiewicz –  former journalists and editors of Gazeta Wyborcza. Today, Mirella edits the website of the famous Żak club and conducts literary meetings, Aleksandra is a freelancer, cooperating with Polityka, Przekroj and Tygodnik Powszechny, among others; for the Emigration Museum in Gdynia she has also realized interviews with Poles living abroad.