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[Poland / Burkina Faso / Senegal]


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An extraordinary band of extraordinary musicians, crossing the boundaries of cultures and continents, Hizbut Jám was created on the initiative of one of the most original Polish and world guitarists, Raphael Rogiński.

Raphael invited the guitarist and vocalist Mamadou Ba, kora virtuoso Noums Dembele and drummer Paweł Szpura, associated with the Warsaw scene. Although the debut album of Hizbut Jámm was released at the beginning of the year, the history of the band is longer. “Hizbut Jámm was actually created in a different world – before wars and the pandemic,” explains Rogiński. The band’s name is a reference to various religious, primarily Sufi, brotherhoods present in Senegal and literally means “Brotherhood for Peace”. 

The composer of all the songs is Rogiński, while the lyrics in Wolof were written by Mamadou Ba. This is not directly African music, although Raphael admits to his fascination with the West African psychedelic scene from half a century ago: Guelewar Band de Banjul or Dief Dieul de Thies. The second important reference point is German krautrock, especially Can. As usual with Rogiński, this music is difficult to easily classify. Unobtrusively virtuosic, densely woven. Trance and transcendent. Hizbut Jámm create an intriguing story about a journey – it could be a cruise on Niger or Senegal, it could be a ride through the Masovian wilderness and fields – delight and hope.

The band’s album was appreciated by the Polish and foreign press and received the title “Top of the World” from Songlines magazine.


Raphael Rogiński– guitar

Mamadou Ba – vocal, guitar

Noums Dembele – kora

Paweł Szpura – drums, percussion