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Fashion and exclusion

[author meeting]




Cinema and Literature

Fashion and aesthetic exclusion in the context of Japanese alternative culture

The notion of subculture in the colloquial sense can be associated in a pejorative way, indicating a kind of social mismatch and thus relegation from mainstream culture. The scientific understanding of the term, however, is more extensive and can be applied to a wide range of phenomena in the area of social life. However, it is necessary to ask about the meaning and, above all, the validity of the application of this concept in today’s world, where the boundary between mainstream and alternative is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to indicate.

The meeting will be an opportunity to raise questions about the boundaries of contemporary alternative culture, the importance that fashion has in it, and above all will become a pretext for considering aesthetic exclusion within that culture. This exclusion, essential for consideration, may not be imposed and debilitating, but desired and valued in a positive way by the individuals who experience it. The backdrop of the story of alternative, fashion and exclusion will be Japanese alternative fashion, also popular in Poland, which exemplifies not only the crossing of boundaries between alternative and mainstream, but also between East and West.

Lily Adamowicz – a researcher of Japanese pop culture, PhD, graduate of the Inter- University Center for Japanese Language Studies in Yokohama, fellow of the Japan Foundation, Nippon Foundation and Toshiba Foundation, and author of the books “Male Image in Visual Kei,” “Faces of Kawaii,” and “Landscape of Fantasy. Harajuku in Transcultural Perspective”. Privately, she wears Japanese Lolita Fashion.

The meeting is co-organized with Cafe Bookstore Vademecum, which deals with the animation of cultural life and educational activities, as part of the implementation of the project “Everything is philosophy 2.4” co-financed by the City of Gdynia.