Opublikowano: June 6, 2018

MOONLIGHT BENJAMIN (Haiti), 27th July, Main Stage, All day ticket – 35 PLN 

Voodoo is a syncretic religion that combines Roman Catholicism and native African religion. This strong Haitian worship has been an inspiration for the amazing singer Moonlight Benjamin, real voodoo priestess. The music of Moonlight Benjamin is a powerful and original fusion between the Caribbean voodoo melodies and rhythms, and the 70's blues rock – a voodoo trance in a new and explosive style! It will be their first concert in Poland.

ELIDA  ALMEIDA (Cape Verde), 28th July, Main Stage, All day ticket – 35 PLN

Cape Verde brings us young and an amazingly talented singer Elida Almeida. Originally from the island of Santiago she presents folk melodies from the Cape Verde archipelago. Her vocals are uplifted by the subtle arrangements of guitarist Hernani Almeida. Their style packed with pop references and echoes of islands across the Atlantic, is extremely international but at the very same time reflects the modern Cape Verdean music scene.We present the last four artists from the rich program of this year's Globaltika.

ERIC TRITON (Mauritius), 29th July, Tent Stage, Free admission

Left-handed guitar virtuoso Eric from the little island of Mauritius presents Creole Blues, inspired by Indian and African tradition. The songwriter calls for social responsibility while exposing human nature’s ups and downs in his narratives.

We will hear the deep, charismatic voice of Triton alongside fellow Shakti Shane Ramchurn, soulful master of tabla. Together they create multicultural music of Mauritius  which they call: Afroriental Blues.

OXUS ENSEMBLE (Uzbekistan), 29th July, Tent Stage, Free admission

They are devoted guardians of the unique musical heritage of Uzbekistan but it is their innovative arrangements of classic compositions which make them stand out among other groups of traditional music. Their repertoire draws on songs from all the culturally diverse regions of Central Asia with a wide selection of national and folk instrumental music and songs. Oxus will be performing with a dancer - Sitora Ziyoeva - young and talented figure on the traditional dance scene of today’s Uzbekistan.

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