Opublikowano: May 16, 2019

A unique opportunity to improve your djembe playing and learn directly from one of the greatest living masters of African drumming!

Masterclass presentation:

Adama Dramé celebrated 50 years of career in 2016. He is a pioneer who has greatly contributed to making the djembe known outside Africa's borders. From the beginning of his career, although attached to his own tradition - Mandinka music from West Africa - he moved towards innovation, developing a singular playing technique, making it possible to increase the djembe's sound palette. During this exceptional masterclass, Adama Dramé will share his talents as a teacher, teaching his unique approach to the djembe and his personal interpretation of tradition. This masterclass will also be an opportunity to discuss his conception of musical crossovers, in the light of his rich history of encounters.

- Presentation by Adama Dramé + presentation of the session -
Warm-ups + Study of accompaniment and solo parts
- Exchange with the master for each participan
Date: 20.07.2019
Venue: Stara Wozownia, Park Kolibki, Gdynia
Time: 15:00
Ticket price: 55 PLN (each person can buy 1 ticket only)
Limited group of participants: 10 persons only
Participation requirements: All participants have to bring their own djembe drum
Drumming level of participants: intermediate and advanced only (no beginner level please!)
Tickets for masterclass available at: https://globaltica.interticket.pl/program/warsztaty-gry-na-djembe-z-mistrzem-adama-drame-burkina-faso-4826

Hurry! There is limited number of 10 tickets available only!
More information about Adama Drame you can find at: www.globaltica.pl/en/artists/adama-drame-en/

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