Opublikowano: April 29, 2019

Rhythms of Burkina Faso, Provence, central Poland, and Africa and Latin America - you will dance to them this year!

Adama Dramé celebrating his over 50 years on stage, is considered one of the best African drummers ever. He was born in Nouna, Burkina Faso in 1954, into a family of musicians and griot storytellers from father to son. Of Malinke culture, he became a professional at the age of twelve thanks to his father, himself a griot. Adama Dramé quickly became a djembe virtuoso, performing first in Burkina Faso and then throughout West Africa and the World.

The style of Adam Dramé is derived from the traditional way of drumming in African Malinke music. However, it is so personal and innovative in its own way that it is difficult to clearly assign it to the universal style in West Africa. You can hear unusual richness and variety of subtle articulated sounds in Adama's music. The djembe drum is often called the piano of African drums, and Adama Dramé's way of playing has definitely contributed to this.

The concert in Old Carriage house will be a unique opportunity to commune with the art of one of the greatest living masters of African drumming.

Occitan polyphony is the starting point for San Salvador – a French six-voice and percussion collective as they embark on their search for universal folklore, rooted in the region’s deep troubadour traditions yet circulating between cultures and musical genres. Their compositions use the Occitan language as a rhythmic instrument, combining poetry with hypnotic vocal harmonies cascading over shifting patterns of compelling percussion.

In their songs, San Salvador question the myth of an unalterable ‘heritage’, seeking instead ‘to answer the question of the boundaries between tradition and creation. An answer to those who say that music has a beginning and an end’. It’s a joyful quest that sees them following every path from the crossroads of trance, choral punk and global vocalese ; modern Occitan troubadours at large in the world.

Odpoczno pushes the Polish village dance revival into new territories. Formed in the city of Łódź in 2014 the quartet members all have experience in different backgrounds.

The throbbing heart of the band is award-winning violinist Marcin Lorenc, who is the curator of the traditional material drawn from the legacy of past masters of the Opoczno region, and Joanna Gancarczyk, who sings the old songs and saws bass rhythms out of her cello. Entering sideways on a small drum kit is Piotr Gwadera, scattering precisely funky filigree patterns upon which the inventive twang and drang of prominent jazz guitarist Marek Kądziela hangs like a shimmering suit of imaginative cloth. They all come from radically different musical backgrounds – they played (and some of them still play) in many diverse bands as eg. Lorenc Trio, Kożuch, L.Stadt, Hunger Pangs.

The Analog Africa Soundsystem was born out of a meeting of Samy Ben Redjeb (the founder of ANALOG AFRICA) with Pedo Knopp, known as a jack of all trades: being a passionate underground music activist as well as a diverse & dexterous selector blending mind-blowing music from remote corners of the globe seamlessly. Together with his associates he promotes numerous club nights and concerts in his hometown including the city’s longest running & most successful summer party LAZY., the fabled Afro jamboree Africadelay and the Saravá session with a Brazilian focus.

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