Warsaw trio Sutari is the brain-child of three young women: Kasia Kapela, Basia Songin and Zosia Zembrzuska – singers, instrumentalists and performers, each from different musical and theatrical backgrounds. They experiment with different vocal techniques and explore the musical potential of everyday and kitchen objects. The group made their debut in 2012 at the Polish Radio’s „New Tradition” Folk Festival, where they won the jury’s second prize and the audience award. They were victorious in the 10th „Battle of the Bands”, a competition organized by Music Network, one of the largest world music publishers. The band has performed many times in front of international audiences at world music festivals, in theaters, philharmonics and music clubs. In the autumn of 2015, the group presented their work at the largest international world music fair WOMEX 2015. It is one of the very few Polish and European groups to have recorded a musical session at cult American radio station KEXP.

Basia Songin - vocals, wolf bass, traditional drums, kitchen objects
Kasia Kapela - vocals, violin, kankles, percussions, kitchen objects
Zosia Zembrzuska - vocals, violin, kankles, drum, kitchen objects

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