REFUGEES FOR REFUGEES is a band of 10 musicians who are refugees in Belgium and come from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tibet. We all have been moved by the recent scenes of migrants arriving in Europe.
That’s why Belgium based organization Muziekpublique have decided to bring together around twenty musicians who are refugees. They have assembled a group of virtuoso performers from different regions of the world who have put down roots in Belgium and who hope to make their voices heard through their music. After the Amerli CD-release in May 2016 and the warm feedback from international medias (considered the best album of the year by prestigious fRoots magazine and Transglobal Music Chart, reviewed with 5 stars by BBC Magazine) 10 of the musicians that took part at the recordings created a band. Under the artistic direction of Tristan Driessens, these virtuoso performers created a common repertoire that reveals the talents and cultural treasures that have become virtually invisible in Europe and builds bridges between the musicians and the different traditions they represent, in order to produce performances that are rich, innovative and a mark of diversity and cultural exchange.

These are experienced musicians who have been trained at some of the most prestigious music academies in the Middle East (Damascus, Baghdad, Aleppo) and who have passed through a string of musical centres dotted along the former Silk road. In the past, they have enjoyed rich careers, international fame, and a variety of projects. But now, they have been forced to flee the disastrous situation in their home countries, uprooting themselves and abandoning their contacts, taking only their musical talents and instruments with them. These talents form the basis of the project.

Together, they aim to develop a project that will help them to find their place and reconstruct their lives in Belgium. It will be their first meeting with Polish audience at Globaltica festival.

Asad Qizilbash - sarod (Pakistan)
Dolma Renqingi - voice (Tibet)
Fakher Madallal - voice, percussion (Syria)
Kelsang Hula - dramyen, voice (Tibet)
Mohammad Aman Yusufi - dambura, voice (Afghanistan)
Simon Leleux - percussion (Belgium)
Souhad Najem - qanun (Iraq)
Tammam Al Ramadan - ney (Syria)
Tareq Alsayed Yahya - oud (Syria)
Tristan Driessens - oud (Belgium)

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