The Mehehe band debuted in the spring of 2018 and instantly became one of the winners of Nowa Tradycja, the most important ethnic music festival in Poland. The two young musicians bring together their varied backgrounds in classical, popular, ethnic and contemporary music to explore the roots of Polish village music and its folk magic traditions. Using their voice, traditional instruments and looper Mehehe revives the spirit of the rural rituals and summer solstices, awakening spells that have survived in rhymes, melodies, and folk songs. The group members are award-winning musicians: Helena Matuszewska, a classically-educated violinist and multiinstrumentalist, composer, songwriter and expert in the knee fiddles and the fingernail playing technique; Basia Songin, a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and composer, but also an acclaimed theater director and performer, member of the band Sutari.

Helena Matuszewska - złóbcoki (traditional fiddle from Podhale,Poland), suka (traditional polish knee-fiddle), rawap (traditional Uygur instrument), spindles, looper, vocals
Basia Songin - wolf bass, kankles, shamanic drum, spindles, jew's harp, vocals

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