LA YEGROS is a singer from Buenos Aires, but her family hails from the tropical climates found in the rural rain forests of the north of Argentina, bordering Brazil.

Her music is an explosive combination of the urban and the folkloric: chamamé dub, mixed with funky coplas and cumbia raps that have international audiences dancing. Frenetic rhythms and accordion mix with electronic beats to define the new sound of cumbia: a rhythm originally born in Colombia but that has since trickled down throughout Latin America and then crossed over to European audiences. With a raw voice reminiscent of indigenous Amazonian chants, and a relaxed flow of a chic rapper, La Yegros has transformed into the queen of the scene. Her debut performances had a variety of influences that combine tropical music, folklore, reggae and dancehall music.

The singer named as The Queen of Nu Cumbia, currently resides in two distinct places – the romantic south of France and the pulsing heart of Argentina, Buenos Aires. Her eclectic music first received attention from major international media such as The Guardian, BBC, Time Out and The Fader, which led to the signing of her first deal, with debut LP Viene de Mi released in 2013. Her latest release Magnetismo incorporates Argentinean folk traditions with cutting edge beats and punk attitude that dominate the male orientated contemporary electro cumbia in Argentina. The album integrates her collaborations and influences that were compiled from the impressive 15 international tours over the past two and a half years. The album was written on the road and the material came to life on the road. It features Argentina’s folk hero Gustavo Santaolalla and the violinist from electro-tango sensation Bajofondo, Javier Casalla. Magnetismo infuses her old sound with new collaborations that include Puerto Candelaria from Columbia, French based singer Sabina Sciubba from electro pop group Brazilian Girls and the African roots of Lindingo from Reunion Island.

Globaltica is a part of new album promotional tour – it will be the Argentinians’ first meeting with Polish audience.

La Yegros - vocal
David Martinez - guitar
Damien Issertes - accordeon
Gabriel Ostertag - percussion, electronics

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