Sentimental echo of a disappearing language, magical thinking and songs full of secrets, symbols – that’s Silesian traditional music through the eyes of Krzikopa, which they enhance with new sounds and rhythms, creating it again from scratch. The band was founded in 2012 by Mateusz Dyszkiewicz, an accordionist and composer. The main impulse was the desire to restore Silesian folk music. The genre defies folk, electronics and rock categories. The combination of traditional polka with the electro and Cuban clave, waltz with Balkan motifs, D'n’B meeting oberek proved to be very well received on both folk and electronic stages in Poland and abroad. The priority in creating their recordings was music and dance – to change the common view of traditional Silesian music, mostly seen by youth as passé and bad taste.

Mateusz Dyszkiewiczaccordion
Katarzyna Dudziakvocal
Karina Przewłokavocal
Adam Romańskiviolin
Dominik Kalamarzelectronics
Piotr Penkała (Spacepierre)drums

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