KAPELA BRODÓW was founded in 1992. Old polonaise, sophisticated mazurka, wild oberek, surprising polka – the band’s unique repertoire, which they have been collecting for over 20 years, includes both secular and religious compositions from the territory of the former First Republic of Poland. Witold Broda has been tracing folk fiddlers, hammered dulcimer players and dancers from the region of Rzeszów for 15 years. He has documented their art and learns the repertoire. He passes these collections to the archives of the Polish Academy of Sciences and “Muzyka Odnaleziona” publishing house. Together with the Early Music Society in Jarosław he organizes the Festival of Rzeszów Music in Gnojnica. The artists preserve original performance styles and for religious music also its thematic context. However, proud of their individualism, they say that they don’t really cite; they tell the same stories as were told centuries ago. In 2001, Kapela Brodów released its debut album Pieśni i melodie na rozmaite święta, hailed as the Folk Phonogram of the Year in Polish Radio 2. Their following albums were also very well received. Their latest release, Muzikaim, is a moving search for Jewish motifs in traditional Polish music. At Globaltica they will play an intimate concert and hold a dancing party with traditional Polish music.

Witold Broda - violin
Marta Maślanka - dulcimer
Jacek Mielcarek - clarinet
Jakub Mielcarek - double bass
Mirosław Ładośdrums

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