Main Stage, 19/07/2019

Explosive, energetic, captivating, Kalàscima is one of Italy’s hottest bands. Six friends from Salento, grown up with the melodies and the hypnotic rhythms of the magical ritual of Taranta, reinvent the tradition with a wild mix of electronics and lysergic beats with original melodies and folk atmospheres. 

Tarantella is based on the ancient life-threatening healing ritual called pizzica tarantata and it is related to the local cultural phenomenon called tarantism. This includes mad drumming and crazy trance-inducing dancing accompanied by suitable music which can last for hours or even days. According to a local belief, tarantism arrives after a tarantula bite. The venom of the spider takes the victim into a heightened state of excitability and restlessness which can only be healed by manic dancing. 
Kalàscima has a great International experience.

The band has performed in countries such as: Australia, Canada, USA, Ecuador, China, South Korea, India, Japan and all around Europe. Roskilde, Sziget, SXSW, Babel Med are some of the festivals where the band has impressed the audience. 

The live set is powerful and energic and features many traditional and fascinating instruments from Southern Italy (bagpipe, ciaramella, launeddas, tambourine, accordion), a spectacularly vast array of percussion, thrilling vocal and modern instrument (laptops and synthesizers) to create and original sound which put the audience in a state of trance. 

Riccardo Laganá - tamburello, vocals
Luca Buccarella - accordion, harmonica, vocals
Massimiliano de Marco - guitars, bouzouki, vocals
Federico Laganá - frame drums, percussion, drum set, Roland hpd15, korg, vocals
Aldo Iezza - italian bag pipe, shawm, electroneddas, xaphoon, vocals
Michele D'Elia - live electronics 

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