Created in 2012 the CHIGAGA GROUP comes from the southern part of Morocco, from a village called M’Hamid El Ghizalne that is located next to the beautiful Sands of the Sahara desert. The name is taken from the high dunes called Erg Chigaga (erg meaning dune).

Sahara region forms an interesting cultural bridge between Arabic and Berber-speaking North Africa and Sudanic cultures of the Sahel. The music helps to build this bridge by including aspects of both Arabic music and that of the great empires of the Sahel such as Mali. Thanks to it you can discover one of the most interesting musical cultures in the whole African continent. The band plays traditional Hassani music popular in Sahara regions. It is characterized by trance rhythms, soaring vocals and bluesy guitar riffs. They are using drums, qarqaba (kind of metal castanets), banjo, darbuka and guitar. The songs are sung in the Hassaniya dialect. Their lyrics are about world, nature, people and nomadic everyday life.

Chigaga group have regularly cooperated with Polish musicians taking part in the Highlinders in the Sahara - Nomads in the Beskidy project since 2015. Musicians will participate in a special Globaltica festival’s closing picnic presenting their music, traditional clothes and Moroccan mint tea ceremony.

El Mahjoub Laghfirivocal, banjo, qarqaba, djembe, dance
Mustapha El Boudanivocal, electric guitar, qarqaba, djembe, dance
Aissa El Mghafrivocal, djembe, qarqaba, dance
Ahmed Bouhdid (Chtuki)vocal, djembe, qarqaba, dance
Khalifa Najivocal, darbuka, qarqaba, dance

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