BURÓNKA is a project born out of fascination with the vocal traditions of the Kurpie ethnic group from Poland’s Puszcza Zielona  region. Here the contemporary language of musical expression is interwoven with a deeply tradition-based approach to conducting a vocal narrative. Original interpretations have been given to songs taken from archival recordings, as well as the repertoire of Bronisława Świder from the village of Bandysie, who is Olga Stopińska's primary teacher and guide. During Polish Public Radio’s New Tradition Festival in 2017, the group was awarded 2nd Prize “for suggestively conveying the character of Kurpie songs”, as well as the “Thunder of Applause” Audience Award.

In the Kurpie dialect a "burońka" is a linen or wool cloth, sometimes used for carrying infants, but also as a bed cover.


Olga Stopińska - vocals, inspiration
Mateusz Wachowiak - Polish three-row accordion, accordion
Mateusz Sieradzan - percussion instruments
Mateusz Woźniak - bass

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