Festival Tent, 20/07/2019
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Analog Africa Soundsystem is Samy Ben Redjeb and Pedo Knopp; they have run their legendary Africa Delay parties in Frankfurt for the last 10 years and have played all over the world with their unrivalled record collections. 

With his innate sense of old vinyl and tape detection, Samy Ben Redjeb has spent a good deal of his life, searching through dusty warehouses in countries like Benin, Burkina Faso, Zimbawe and Colombia on a mission to rescue forgotten music from oblivion. He has amassed an incredible collection of rare records and tapes, from which he compiles selections for his highly respected Analog Africa label. With its excellent compilations, wellresearched booklets and truly mind-blowing music the label has built up a strong following of critics and opinion leaders around the globe. 

The Analog Africa Soundsystem was born out of a meeting with Pedo Knopp, known as a jack of all trades: being a passionate underground music activist as well as a diverse & dexterous selector blending mind-blowing music from remote corners of the globe seamlessly. Together with his associates he promotes numerous club nights and concerts in his hometown including the city’s longest running & most successful summer party LAZY., the fabled Afro jamboree Africadelay and the Saravá session with a Brazilian focus. Pedo has been invited to do guest mixes for numerous radio shows, compiled award-winning CDs for Europe’s largest Japanese film festival Nippon Connection and worked as a music consultant. As Analog Africa Soundsystem he has travelled with his partner Europe and parts of the world - they played festivals and clubs in cities like Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Basel, Dar es Salaam, Helsinki, Istanbul, Kopenhagen, London, Luanda, Manchester, Paris, Rio De Janeiro and São Paulo. 

During hot night at Globaltica festival Analog Africa Soundsystem will be represented by Pedo Knopp alone, but you can still be sure it will be Globaltica's 15th anniversary crazy party with African & Latin retro music played mostly from original vinyls.
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