Alsarah is a Sudanese born singer, songwriter and ethnomusicologist. Born in the capital city of Khartoum, where she spent the first 8 years of her life, she relocated to Taiz, Yemen with her family to escape the ever-stifling regime in her native country. She abruptly moved to the US in 1994, when a brief civil war broke out in Yemen. Alsarah started her musical training at the age of 12. After attending the high school, she spent 4 years at University studying music with a concentration in ethnomusicology.

Residing in Brooklyn (NY), she is a self-proclaimed practitioner of east-african retropop. Working on various projects, she most recently has been working with the Nile Project. She released her debut album Silt with her band Alsarah & The Nubatones in the spring of 2014, followed by Manara in September 2016. Settled in Brooklyn, there is no doubt that the surrounding frenzy, the multiculturalism and the constant tingling of this city, consciously or unconsciously guide Alsarah and her musicians in the search for this perfect balance between urban culture, modernity and traditional reminiscences.

Inspired by both the golden age of Sudanese pop music of the 70s and the New-York effervescence, Alsarah & The Nubatones build a repertoire where an exhilarating oud plays electric melodies on beautiful jazz-soul bass lines, and where sharp and modern percussions breathe new life to age-old rhythms. Since their first show in October of 2011, the group has performed nationally and internationally at many prestigious festivals and venues. With audiences varying in age and ethnicity, The Nubatones has proven over and over that soul crosses all cultural and linguistic barriers.

During Globaltica festival they will play in Poland for the first time.

vocal, melodies
Nahidbacking vocal
Mawuena Kodjovi - bass
Brandon Terzic - oud
Rami El Aasserpercussion instruments

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