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Dance Party

[live music: WOWAKIN]


Festival tent


Scena Muzyczna Globaltica

Globaltica’s dance party with Polish folk music is a unique opportunity to have fun together and learn about Poland’s rich musical tradition. The event will take place in a tent equipped with a wooden floor, outdoors, in the beautiful scenery of Kolibki Park, which will further enhance its magical atmosphere. During the dance, participants will have the opportunity to dance to music played live by the WOWAKIN band, which specializes in Polish traditional dances, such as mazurka, oberek, and kujawiak. We invite both younger and older participants who want to experience something unusual. Thanks to the openness and friendly atmosphere, even those with no folk dance experience will quickly find their way around the rhythms and steps, often learning them on the spot from more experienced dancers.

For the dance, it is recommended to take comfortable shoes on flat soles with the so-called light slip (girls can dance in shoes with a small heel). Consequently, sneakers and sneakers with rubber soles are rather put away in the closet.