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“Close, stranger, excluded”. – About the place of the dog in human life



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During the, much-needed in the modern world, evolution of the perception of animals, their nature and needs, dogs have imperceptibly disappeared from the radars of compassion of most animal rights advocates.

We speak out against hunting, boycott circuses, keep a close eye on the welfare of zoo residents and prisoners of industrial breeding.

We protest, we oppose, we organize marches, we take to the streets under the slogans of animal liberation.

In parallel with these actions, we put electric collars on dogs, lock them in cramped cages for hours, forbid social contact, do not allow them to play, instead forcing them to do activities they would certainly not do on their own, and feed them only as a reward.

How many times do you, you, ask yourself: what is my dog to me?

Precisely in this form, which in itself defines our attitude to this animal closest to man.

What is…why not: who?

We talk about dogs as family members, but do we treat them the same way?

Are we ready to face the truth about the dog and ourselves in our relationship with it?

In a world where the dog has remained man’s closest companion for millennia, in passing we have lost sight of its true image as a sentient, thinking being with its own needs that we are unable to understand and satisfy.


The debate, “Close, Stranger, Excluded,” is an invitation to discuss the place of the dog in human life and the role we have reduced it to in the wave of our expectations, ignorance and misconceptions about what its welfare is.
Expect bitter reflections, uncomfortable truths, but also knowledge that will help in understanding who dogs actually are and what they need.

Excellent guests for this event will be:

Dr. Wanda Krupa

prof. dr. hab. Hanna Mamzer

vet. Dorota Suminska

prof. dr. hab. Maciej Trojan

The debate will be moderated by Sylwia Najsztub, an expert on dogs, founder of the Spirit of Leon Foundation, a person still controversial in her conviction that dogs deserve freedom and respect.