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Cinema and Literature

The “Cinema Globaltica” series of screenings is based on the idea of using film in education, and on the assumption that film and music as non-formal tools are ideal for working with such delicate matter as emotions, tolerance and openness to others. This is primarily about documentaries (but not only), which are unlikely to reach de regular cinema halls, despite their undeniable substantive as well as artistic value. So, one can say that they are undoubtedly niche films, which the local viewer basically has no opportunity to see. The richness of the musical cultures of the world: Africa, Europe, Asia, the Americas and the rest of the continents is enormous, and therefore extremely interesting – at the same time almost unknown to the average viewer. Through films presenting musical traditions and stories related to it, we can learn a lot about various social, economic or political situations and problems prevailing in a given culture or country, as well as experience a wide range of emotions – from joy and delight to sadness or emotion.

Each day of the festival, Cinema Globaltica will feature film screenings.

Details on the screenings of individual films will be announced soon.