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Buzz’ Ayaz



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Hailing from Cyprus’s divided capital Nicosia, Buzz’ Ayaz, a newly-born project led by Antonis Antoniou – founder of award-winning bands Monsieur Doumani and Trio Tekke – brings a fresh air of Eastern Mediterranean psychedelia, rock and blues. A dynamic offbeat groove emitted from the tribal-like drumming and the fierce bass clarinet riffs produces a grimy trance-like reverie. At the same time, a sparky energy runs through the sharp and often unexpected arrangements, keeping a tight grip. The result is a fuzzy urban soundscape of synth textures and dubby electronics, 70s psych organ allusions, growling reed utterances, big beats and microtonal Anatolian melodic spices.

The folk element runs deep in the veins of each band member, and they collectively use it as a colourful palette with which to create a contemporary mosaic: a 21st-century sonic universe with a strong local identity and tang. A modern reflection of place, of the politics, geography and the fluctuations of light and shadow in the soul of turbulent Nicosia, a melting pot of Greek, Turkish, and other cultures. The members of the band – all of them activists in their own right – come from both sides of the city’s divide. Their coming together is a deliberate attempt to create a musical body that gives voice to the whole city, one that echoes above its concrete-and-barrel walls and checkpoints, in a borderless island under the same sun.

Buzz’ Ayaz debut album is expected to be released in September 2024 via acclaimed German label Glitterbeat Records.


Antonis Antoniou – electric tzouras / vocals / electronics
Manos Stratis – bass synth / organ
Will Scott – bass clarinet
Ulaş Öğüç – drums / triggers