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“And culture is said to be in Kashubia”

[meeting with Stasia Budzisz and Michał Miegoń]


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“And culture is said to be in Kashubia ” – a meeting with Stasia Budzisz and Michal Miegon.

What is it really like with these Kashubians – do they work, do they disappear or maybe they just change? We invite you to talk about Kashubianness in many dimensions. From culture to family stories to contemporary Kashubia.

Stasia Budzisz: reporter specializing in the former Soviet bloc countries. She collaborates with Przekroj, Nowa Europa Wschodnia, OKO.press and Krytyka Polityczna, among others. In 2019 her debut book of reportage “Pokazucha. On Georgian Rules.” In her latest book “Welewetka” she directs her uncompromising look at Kashubia, the land of her own childhood. From preserved photos, family memories and legends, as well as conversations with witnesses of the turbulent history of the region, he builds an intriguing combination of historical reportage and family saga.

Michal Miegon: Cultural animator, musician and music producer, leader of the band Kiev Office, which on recent albums combines alternative music with Kashubian traditions and legends. Kiev Office’s album “Gjinjenjé” (2021) was dedicated to the first musical release dedicated to the Kashubian region of the Baltic Sea – the Slavs. Two-time winner of the Artistic Award of the President of the City of Gdynia “Gdynia Galion”. Employee of the Museum of the City of Gdynia and guide to Pomerania.