···Wojciech Eichelberger

Globaltica is a beautiful idea. Diversity in unity. Unity in diversity. The strength and inspiration coming from ethnic music from all over the world. It searches for unity, universal harmony to find what is common to all the inhabitants of Planet Earth. Music is a language that we all understand. Only the music unite us.

···Wojciech Szczurek

GLOBALTICA Gdynia World Culture Festival, organized by Liberty Cultural Foundation since 2005 is a unique event extremely interesting for many reasons. One of them is the very important need for tolerance and openness to other cultures, to their values. GLOBALTICA Festival meets this need in a daring, open way, at the highest artistic level. Festival concerts are great events which you can recall for a long time. I’m glad I can support the idea of ​​the festival becoming its ambassador.

···Piotr Najsztub

I understand only three languages​​: Polish, music and art. And only thanks to the last two of them I can be a citizen of the world. Globaltica moves me there.

···Marek Kamiński

I embrace the patronage of GLOBALTICA World Cultures Festival with great pleasure. On my expeditions I often experienced that art helps to communicate with each other, even the most distant cultures. GLOBALTICA Festival creates a unique platform for the exchange of ideas, feelings. This is an opportunity to build understanding in a creative and full of tolerance atmosphere.

···Roman Kurkiewicz

Finally the word "global" in a very good way, not as a threat but as an opportunity, meeting, exchange. The multiplicity, which is openness, expansion of sensitivity, satisfying hunger of others, and the unknown. I believe that such projects will describe our future built on the joyful co-existence. Multi is beautiful!


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