'Ethiopiques: Revolt of the Soul' 

dir. Maciek Bochniak, Poland, 2017, 70 min.

(film partially in English; with Polish subtitles)

25.07.2018 5.30pm, Park Kolibki, Stara Wozownia, Gdynia, al. Zwycięstwa 291

FREE (limited number of seats)

Ethiopiques is the history of Ethiopian music told from the perspective of Francis Falceto and Ethiopian musicians. An avid follower of world music, Falceto was given a copy at a party in his hometown of Poitiers. The resultant excitement amongst listeners and journalists who had never heard of it before is the beginning of a long journey that is a landmark in the history of world music.

It is also the story of the phenomenon of this unique music style which had a considerable influence on late 20th Century free jazz and pop music. This lost generation of musicians, many of whom live in poverty in exile today is shown against the backdrop of political and social upheaval in the transitional time between the end of the Emperor Haile Selassie's reign and rise of the communist Derg junta that resulted in a non-existent cultural life.

This is an account of the courage and audacity of these gifted musicians who were the creators of stunning sounds and music against all odds.



dir.  Yann Arthus-Bertrand, France, 2015, 131min.

(film in different languages; with Polish subtitles)

25.07.2018 9.00pm, Park Kolibki, Stara Wozownia, Gdynia, al. Zwycięstwa 291

FREE (limited number of seats)

French photographer, journalist and ecologist Yann Arthus-Bertrand got thousands of people from different cultural backgrounds to give answers to a lot of life’s questions. Many of the resulting personal anecdotes are included in his ambitious film project “Human”. While staring straight into the camera, men, women and children from all over reveal themselves. There are no distractions from what they’re saying, as the background is black. Their countries of origin and names aren’t shown, although they may be referred to in their stories. These are categorized by themes such as happiness, love, marriage, sex, revenge, violence, freedom, homosexuality, poverty and death. Impressive aerial nature shots – Arthus-Bertrand’s trademark – mark each transition to a new theme. From light-hearted reminiscences to extremely painful memories; from passionate pleas to world leaders to intimate revelations; from released emotions to held-back tears, each person delivers a unique story in a unique tone. As they speak, the filmmaker often shows the silent faces of others, also looking into the camera: a veiled face, only bright green eyes visible; a tear running down a cheek; a creviced face with a toothless mouth; the ghost of a smile. The looks and the stories reveal the pain, fears, desires and strength of man.


'Genesis 2.0' 

dir. Christian Frei, Maxim Arbugaev, Switzerland, 2018, 113 min.

(film in English; with Polish subtitles)

26.07.2018 10.30pm, Park Kolibki, Stara Wozownia, Gdynia, al. Zwycięstwa 291

FREE (limited number of seats)

On the remote New Siberian Islands in the Arctic Ocean, hunters are searching for the tusks of extinct mammoths.There is a gold rush fever in the air. The price for white gold has never been so high. The thawing permafrost not only releases precious ivory.The tusk hunters find a surprisingly well-preserved mammoth carcass. Such finds are magnets for high-tech genetic scientists.They want to bring the extinct woolly mammoth back to life a la “Jurassic Park”. Resurrecting the mammoth is a first manifestation of the next great technological revolution.Man becomes Creator. Genesis two point zero.

A Film about the secrets and mysteries hidden within nature and the fundamental difference in view of creation and the role of man in it.



dir. Steve Loveridge, Sri Lanka / UK / USA, 2018, 95 min.

(film in English; with Polish subtitles)

27.07.2018 00.30am, Park Kolibki, Stara Wozownia, Gdynia, al. Zwycięstwa 291

FREE (limited number of seats)

MATANGI / MAYA / M.I.A. is drawn from a cache of personal tapes shot by Maya and her closest friends over the last 22 years, capturing her remarkable journey from immigrant teenager in London, to the international popstar M.I.A.

Never letting go of her roots, M.I.A. managed to create a mashup, cut-and-paste identity that pulled inspiration from every corner of her journey; a sonic sketchbook that blended Tamil politics, Art school punk, hip-hop beats and the voice of multicultural youth.

Never compromising, Maya kept her camera rolling through her battles with the music industry and mainstream media as her success and fame grew and she rose to become one of the most provocative and divisive artists working in music today.


'Stranger in Paradise'

dir. Guido Hendrikx, Netherlands 2016, 72 min

(film in English; with Polish subtitles)

29.07.2018 4.30pm, Park Kolibki, Stara Wozownia, Gdynia, al. Zwycięstwa 291

FREE (limited number of seats)

“We don’t want you. We just can’t do it.” In a room, a teacher uses math to explain to a group of refugees what their arrival will cost society. The asylum seekers try to refute the figures. They will work, won’t they, and contribute to society? The teacher shatters their illusions: half of them will never find work.
In three acts, director and screenwriter Guido Hendrikx explains the European view of the refugee crisis. The man receives three groups of migrants, each time adopting a different attitude: dismissive in the first part, then full of empathy and good will in the second. In the last part, he represents actual European immigration policy, with all its complex rules. Hendrikx shows where the refugees’ dreams clash with reality and forces us to think hard about our own position. Is it human to categorize someone else’s life? The absurdity of the dilemma is expounded upon in the prologue and epilogue to this political essay.

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