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Show date: July 22, 2017

Pansori singer Kwon Songhee presents modern pansori with SONGHEE PANSORI LAB group.

Pansori, often referred to as Korean Opera, is a type of traditional Korean music which tells a themed story in the form of music theater, with two musicians sharing the spotlight- a singer (sorikkun) and a drummer (gosu). The singer plays the central role through his singing, words, and body language while the drummer plays an accompanying role by providing the rhythm and shouting words of encouragement to add to the passion of the performance. With a distinct, inimitable sound, rhythm, and singing technique, Pansori is truly representative of Korea's unique cultural landscape.

It is designated as Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Songhee Pansori LAB deconstructs the grammar of traditional pansori, and creates songs from a contemporary perspective by taking motives of traditional pansori. Pansori LAB focuses on individual songs rather than its theatrical form, which places emphasis on the aspects of a play and story. The band consists of singer, DJ & percussion, gayageum (zither), and piri (oboe). They aim at experimenting various types of sounds using spontaneous sound effects, and developing expressions utilizing voice. Also they combine traditional pansori with electronic music, ambient, and trip hop.

Kwon Songhee, singer of Songhee Pansori LAB, started pansori at the age of eight and received her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Korean traditional music at Hanyang University. Her interests in changjak pansori (newly created pansori) started early on. She was an actress, songwriter, and director of Taroo (Korean traditional musical troupe), and a member of world music band Tan+Emotion. She established Pansori LAB in order to create her own changjak pansori.

Songhee belts out soaring melodies, vivid trills, and moving narratives to deliver a very visual show with powerful percussion.

It will be the band’s first concert in Poland.

The concert is organized in cooperation with South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, KAMS and CSK.

Kwon Songhee - vocal
Park Hyo Jin - gayageum
Choi Hyewonpercussion instruments, electronics
Kim Si-Youl - piri, wind instruments



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