28th July, Main Stage, All day ticket – 35 PLN

Once again, Cape Verde brings us an amazingly talented new singer. Aged 25, Elida Almeida overcomes the traumas of her troubled childhood with music overflowing with folk melodies and seasoned with the beats of the Island of Santiago: batuque, funana and morna, uplifted by the subtle arrangements of guitarist Hernani Almeida. Her songs reflect the hopes and dreams of young Cape Verdeans eager to escape their isolation and embrace the world. The young singer’s style is very different from Cesaria Evora’s, yet it works the same enchantment, shining through in the sincerity of her voice and the allure of her message.

Although born on the capital island of Santiago, Elida was raised by her grandparents in the little village of Kebrada on a Maio Island - a place with no roads or electricity, where the only connection with the outside world were battery-powered radios, but where there was genuine happiness to be found. She developed her vocal techniques with simple church singing while she helped her mother sell fruits and vegetables at local markets. She became a mother at a young age, but still managed to successfully continue her studies to college, and to pursue her music. The first song she wrote when still at high school already spoke of sorrow, but also reflected her soaring hopes and dreams.

Packed with pop references and echoes of islands across the Atlantic, the young singer’s style is extremely international. Winner of the 2015 RFI (Radio France Internationale) Discoveries Prize, Elida learned the art of fusion as she toured the globe from West Africa to Haiti, Paris and Cuba. The new pearl of Cabo Verde has a powerful appetite, curiosity, a ton of good humor and an equal measure of determination. 

Elida Almeida - vocals
Hernani Almeida – guitars
Diego Neves – keyboards
Nelida da Cruz – bass guitar
Magik Santiago – drums, percussion